If this then that (IFTTT) is one of the most amazing services and apps out there (yes, I am very biased about it because it is indispensable for my life) where you create connections or recipes between all accounts you have. According to its website, you use Channels  (Facebook, Evernote, Email, Calendar) with Triggers (the “this” of the title – such as “I’m tagged in a photo on Facebook) and Actions (the “that” – which can be “send me a text” or “save it to a dropbox folder”). Each of those are “Ingredients” in a “Recipe” which you can share or that you can use from other IFTTT users. To download […]

App of the Week – Swipes

Swipes is a free Mailbox-like app that integrates with Evernote and is a great task management app. The integration with Evernote allows for users to attach Evernote notes to tasks and checkbox items from Evernote can be added as action steps within the Swipes app. To download it for the iPhone for free click HERE. To download it for the iPad for free click HERE. To download it for Android click HERE and sign up for the Beta version that is out. To get Swipes for the web click HERE. To learn more about this app, watch the video below. If you have used this app in your life or in your classroom […]

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