2014 Spring Book Club Schedule

Book Title Cognitive Surplus: How Technology Makes Consumers into Collaborators About Beginning on January 31st, the CETL book club will dive into Clay Shirky’s Cognitive Surplus. Shirky begins with the premise that, since World War Two, Americans have had a considerable amount of free time. “What?!” you scream, “I don’t have ANY free time.” Shirky says that you do, or rather you did before watching TV. Most of our free time, our “cognitive surplus,” has been spent consuming — mostly consuming the entertainment offered by television. This is changing, as new social media technologies offer the opportunity for almost anyone to produce and share media instead of merely consuming it. […]

App of the Week – gFlash+

This week’s app of the week is an app by gWhiz, LLC and it is great app for your students. gFlash+ Flashcards and Tests allows its users to create flashcards with images and audio in a really simple and user friendly way. To download it for free for iOS devices click HERE. To learn more about this app watch the video embedded below. If you have used this app in your life or in your classroom please let us know by commenting on this post! We would love to learn about your personal experiences and we would love to share them with other Texas Wesleyan folks!

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