App of the Week – iLEAP Pick A Student

The app of the week this week is a little simpler than the ones that we have been featuring here. However, it is a great, and free, classroom management tool that is worth having. This is a very simple app designed to help teachers pick students in class. You input your roster into the app and you can select students on a turn base or random base. To download it for free for iOS devices click HERE. To learn more about this app watch the video embedded below. If you have used this app in your life or in your classroom please let us know by commenting on this post! […]


Hello All, Classes are about to start, but this week is full of great workshops and we would love for you to take advantage of them. This is an excellent time for you to start adding up points for yourself in our leaderboard. As you know, every semester we will give a professional development award to the leader of our leaderboard, but those points reset at the end of the semester so everybody has a chance to win an award. All badges earned remain the same and the points you have earned last year towards your badges also remain the same, so don’t worry! All of your efforts to develop […]

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