Atomic Learning 101

Atomic Learning provides training tutorials in a vast variety of topics in easy-to-understand short video format and is available to all Wesleyan faculty, staff and students. Topics range from Excel basics to APA formatting and beyond.  It can also be easily integrated within Blackboard. Simply login using your Texas Wesleyan credentials. CETL has the following Atomic Learning Workshops Scheduled: Atomic Learning 101, February 13th @ 1:00pm Take Charge of Your Training with Atomic Learning, February 19th @ 1:00pm Atomic Learning 101, March 3rd @ 12:15pm  Take Charge of Your Training with Atomic Learning, March 19th @ 3:00pm Take Charge of Your Training with Atomic Learning, April 23rd @ 1:00pm Atomic Learning also provides training videos on how to […]

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CETL Featured in Article

Last week the CETL was featured in a Campus Technology website article titled Badges: A New Measure of Professional Development. The article discusses how some institutions are using badges to create, issue, and share digital badges and how these currencies are gaining acceptance in higher education and professional development institutions. Since 2013 the CETL has used badges to better acknowledge and reward faculty and staff professional development. In the first year we used a system of points and badges and currently we moved to a more competency-based model. To learn more about our badges click HERE. To read the full article click HERE.

About the CETL

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at Texas Wesleyan University (CETL) promotes a student-centered university by providing resources and professional growth opportunities to faculty on enhancing instructional practice, integrating technology, and promoting essential student skills.

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